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26 czerwca 2020

What are the Symptoms of a Damaged Catalytic Converter?

What are the Symptoms of a Damaged Catalytic Converter?


Despite a vehicle can technically be operated without the catalytst, this device plays a role of great importance. It is a kind of a shield protecting the environment and your health from exhaust fumes. The converter transforms harmful combustion products into nontoxic compounds that can be freely released into the atmosphere.


To enjoy all the positive effects the catalyst of your automobile should be in good technical condition. It is a bad idea to use a clogged or failed device. Do you need to buy a new converter? Visit the website https://autocatalystmarket.com/pl/pl to select a new one at a reasonable price.


But there is still an important question: what are the symptoms saying your converter has been damaged? Well, you don't need to be a mechanic to identify the problem. Just pay attention to the following sings.


Trouble Detection: Symptoms of Bad Catalyst


When the catalyst is damaged, it typically overheats. You may notice some unexpected changes in the engine operation. We are talking about misfires. This symptom is familiar to another problem associated with an abnormally rich fuel mixture. You shouldn't ignore this symptom in any case as the catalyst components can just melt.


Pay attention to how your vehicle speeds up or goes uphill. If you have noticed losing power this may be pointing at some catalyst problems. Tip: remove the device for a while and compare operation of the automobile with and without the catalyst. If the difference is considerable, you already know why. We recommend to do such an experiment because some mechanics tend to misdiagnose the true cause of power loss and suggest replacing unnecessary parts. Also, you may use another approach to identify the problem on your own. Find an assistant and ask them to hold rpm at 1800-2000 and at this time bring your hand towards the exhaust tailpipe. Hot flow means clogging.


Along with losing power while accelerating and going uphill the declined engine performance may be caused by the catalyst failure. It occurs due to back pressure created by the failing catalyst. As a result, the engine is prevented from operating in the proper way. In this case, you may feel the vehicle shaking while driving.


The damaged device becomes the reason why you see dark exhaust smoke. A clogged catalyst makes an obstacle for exhaust gases to exit the automobile. It results in producing much darker and thicker vapor.


Catalyst failures lead to increasing carbon emission. When the device needs replacement or at last maintenance, it cannot do its job as expected. In addition to all the negative effects, a clogged or failing converter emits hazardous gases. This is exactly the reason why this component was developed.


It is necessary to monitor the condition of your catalyst and have it maintained regularly. Some people prefer to remove this device and believe this will help to avoid engine surprises in the future. But a reliable and clean converter not only does its job perfectly, but also helps to use considerably less fuel, and makes the engine work quieter.

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